Friday, 30 August 2013

A Scandinavian Delight

Comfort and function are the most critical ingredients to a beautiful room.

Scandinavian interior has quickly become a passion of mine. Renowned for their simplicity, utility and beauty, I cannot express to you how much Scandinavian homes have caught my eye. They have a warm, cosy feel but are able to portray clean lines, functionality and an element of understated elegance. This design can be characterised by the wonderful use of light, muted tones, natural materials and minimalist ornamentation. I wanted to dedicate this blog to help you visualise and perhaps re-create the Scandinavian style in your own home. 

First lets begin with the unique lighting concepts Scandinavian interior has to offer. 

Perhaps some of the most unusual lighting displays encapsulating the contemporary, clean yet original decor this interior theme has to offer. I absolutely love the exclusive chandelier design on the left incorporating dark grey fish bowl shaped glass. It would look fabulous as a statement piece in a bright living room, reflecting the light to all corners. 

This simple yet thoroughly effective loft style lighting draws the eye across the room and creates a utility feel that is perfect for a functional room such as a kitchen. What is so great about Scandinavian style decor is the rustic yet fresh atmosphere the interior can generate. It's masculine aura makes this an interior theme that can be perfect for most couples.

A dining space can be a focal point of any home. Whether it is used as much as other rooms, it can certainly bring a family together by the simple composition of it's furniture. Scandinavian design often incorporates round tables suggesting an informal and liveable area. The use of wood is one of the most widely used materials within Scandinavian interior adding texture and warmth. These classic nordic style chairs combine the traditional elements of clean lines but stand out continue to look current.

Quirky breakfast bar dining suits this practical interior decor and adds a youthful dimension to the look. The high shine chrome pendant lights add depth to this muted colour palette and finish the space perfectly.

This room embodies some of the more traditional features of Scandinavian style living. White washed wooden floors and walls give a relaxed and peaceful ambiance contrasted with the rustic metal loft style chairs. The use of furs throughout a home is in keeping with original Scandinavian interiors. It brings warmth and texture to the room which emulates the cold climate of the nordic countries. I love the combination of romance and simplicity using this delicate chandelier as a focal point to the space.

Cow hide rugs, ultra modern chair designs and a wintery landscape - a gorgeous interpretation of Scandinavian interior design.

What I love about this room the most is the tree trunk inspired coffee tables. The differing heights and natural wood pattern add a different dimension to the room along with a connection to the outdoors. 

As a kitchen is a room already characterised as functional and practical - it can be one of the most exciting spaces to decorate when choosing Scandinavian style decor. The fabulous grey marble stone chosen for this kitchen adds a lovely rustic texture to the room. Complimented by the country style chalk board and classically nordic antler feature, I would love to create this kitchen in my home!

Go and buy some fur, splash some white paint on the walls and you're already half way there.

I hope you are left feeling inspired.

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