Thursday, 22 August 2013

My Personal Style

You must always be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really love can ever go out of style.

I thought I would begin this blog by giving you a broad insight into my favourite interior styles, which I know will forever continue to entwine themselves between the walls of my future homes. Most are classic with an element of simplicity and a subtle edge of glamour. It is this timeless design that I hope will open your eyes and perhaps inspire you to create some magic in your own home. 

First we begin with the ever intriguing colour palette of muted tones. Those soft hues that are supposed to represent a dull Spring morning, a bland skyline or a landscape that shows no intent of blossoming into flower. However - to me they epitomise much more. Tranquility, mystery and serenity are just a few words that spring to mind when working with a neutral colour palette. The delight I feel when walking into a room that does not bare someone's distinctive perhaps loud personality is some what comparable to viewing a favourite piece of art. A blank canvas is more than just blank - it can hold a subtle mystification which to me, portrays more depth than all the colours of the rainbow put together.

A gorgeous, peaceful bedroom decorated using only white and beige tones. Who wouldn't want to unwind in this room after a long day?

Simple yet so clean and chic. Kitchenware with a sophisticated twist.

 This living room is clean cut and gentleman friendly using different textures such as marble and tweed to create depth and intrigue.

Another personal interior passion of mine has to be mirrored furniture. Whether it be Venetian, French style or the sharp lines of a modern piece - I love the character it can bring to a room. In bedrooms it can with no doubt add an aspect of glamour and luxury. Bathrooms can look chic and perhaps regal, whilst using mirrored furniture in other rooms such as a nursery can bring a unique and mature dimension to a room with decor that is only too often described as predictable and traditional.

These bedrooms portray a sense of allure and beauty.
The calming tones used are complimented by extravagant pieces of furniture that are able create a wonderful atmosphere in any room.  

One of my all time favourite uses for mirrored furniture is in bathrooms. It has the effortless ability to depict a clean and fresh space along with creating something fantastically unique at the same time. The second bathroom as been decorated with dark charcoal walls yet the use of mirror still introduces a bright and graceful finish to the room.

These nurseries are a selection of my most treasured interior decorations. The beautiful representation of sophisticated yet natural decor has been captured so perfectly using mirrored furniture here. I particularly love the use of the mirrored chest of drawers as a substitute for a changing table. It works so well at bringing a taste of elegance into the home.  

If you are enthusiastic about using a neutral colour palette in your home, I find that mirrored furniture is the perfect compliment and can save a room from looking flat and one dimensional. They can direct certain shapes and colours across a space bringing light and a feeling of expanse to the area. Free standing large mirrors can also be a delicacy within a room in my eyes. Lent against a corner or flat wall, over sized mirrors bring a sumptuous, lavish feel to a space. Perhaps it's the nostalgic feeling of playing dress up when you were young, or just out shopping using dressing rooms that brings an element of excitement to me when featured in a room. 

Beautiful ornate mirrors used in a bedroom and bathroom to show that a charm and elegance can be brought into any space with the use of grand mirrors.

The art of dressing a bed and placing it's cushions can only be described as a simple pleasure of mine. There are so many ways in which linen can be draped, so many textures that can be layered - it can change the theme of a room in an instant. Whether you want an inviting, cosy bed to snuggle down in, or a sleek design that is in keeping with the most modern interior - a dressed bed can project so many different looks. Here are some of my favourite linens that I feel do justice to the world of home interiors.

These linens can convey a sense of comfort, enjoyment, happiness, relaxation and much more. These ever changing feelings and perceptions that continue to arise from the soft furnishings of a bedroom are what makes this interior style so appealing to me. 

I hope you are left feeling inspired.

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