Saturday, 24 August 2013

Room of the Week #1

A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually.

I've decided to introduce a Room of the Week blog post so that I'm able to show you the beautiful world of interiors one intriguing step at a time. I thought I would begin with a space not every house needs, but it is a room that can have endless design opportunities. The nursery - a space that can only too often be stereotyped and perhaps lack inspiration. I have dedicated this post to opening your eyes and broadening your creative senses to some of the more original nursery design ideas that can be incorporated into your home. 

First let me begin with modern gender neutral interior decor. There are so many gorgeous fabrics and colours that effortlessly work together in order to create the perfect space for a new born baby. 

I absolutely love this gorgeous nature inspired nursery. The soft green and grey hues are perfectly complimented by the pale cow hide rug. The white wall art brings a delicate and fresh element to the room along with the ultra modern furniture pieces. Such a wonderful creation.

Interior design is not only about the colours of a wall, it can be represented in so many ways. The accessories within a room are able to enhance the original design vision and create a personal touch to any home. I feel this beautiful dove grey silhouette of a child would add a sense of mystery and sophistication to a nursery. The neutral tones and elephant picture design on the left bring a calming, youthful look to the room and are complimented so well by the soft beech wood chest of drawers.

This picture represents one of my favourite interior design trends - texture. Patterned wallpaper, soft curtains, a beautiful ivory fur rug, satin cushions and flat white furniture - what more could you ask for? I feel this room epitomises the comfortable and cosy outlook that a nursery should convey, along with bringing a contemporary element to the room. After researching modern gender neutral nurseries, they are quickly becoming one of my favourite decors.

A grey colour palette is more than just a dull array of earthly hues, it can portray a soft and delicate aura  that can be so calming for any room. I love the dark wood used in these nurseries - it gives a real contrast to the pale decoration. The second picture offers a mature design using glass and chrome ornaments. Perhaps not the most child friendly decor, but effortlessly chic nonetheless. The differing tones of grey in the left picture portrayed by the charcoal ceiling light, striped rug and knitted circular cushion add depth and character to the room.

Many people prefer to design a gender specific nursery for their baby, however it can be rather difficult to steer away from the traditional blue and pink themes. I aim to inspire you with beautiful, original and authentic creations for baby boys and girls.

This beautiful, glamourous nursery is able to show the world of interior design that a baby girl's room does not have to be pink, patterned and all about colour. The sumptuous design and french style furniture is what makes this nursery so pleasing to the eye. It feels fresh and chic with a hint of vintage styling that creates an elegant touch.

When you are faced with four walls that suddenly need to come to life it can feel quite daunting for anyone. This classic idea of wall art can look so pretty when choosing the right frames especially as a focal point within a nursery. The mauve, peachy tones combined with an antique design show a refined alternative colour palette and style.

This nursery is one of my all time favourites. I love the regal feel of the satin tufted cot and the dusky mauve wall colour. It works so well with the sheer layered curtains creating a soft and sophisticated balance. The modern star mirror attracts the eye across the room to the quirky mix and match frames placed above the cot. 

Boy nurseries are often loud and colourful with a certain theme such as animals or cars. Here are a few selected nurseries which are able to be themed for a baby boy but are original with their designs.


The muted tones and natural decor in these rooms give such an earthly and raw tone to the nurseries. You can immediately categorise the pictures as a boy's nursery but there are no garish colours or prints to be seen. I absolutely love the pale zebra lamp shade as it shows a hint of animal print without being over powering. Subtlety is key when creating a theme.

 An accent colour can be the perfect way to bring some life into your baby's nursery. I love the combination of orange and grey for a little boy. Orange has never really been a colour I've focused on, but it looks absolutely fabulous here and such a contrast. The colourful objects shown in the left picture are able to lift the all white room. I feel that in the design process of a new nursery the aim is to create a calm and positive space. With my interest primarily in neutral decor - this can be achieved very successfully.  

Please have fun reading this post even if you don't have the need to create a nursery. What is so great about interior design is that you can be inspired by the smallest detail. Every little thing counts. 

I hope you are left feeling inspired.

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